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I3 technologies of India is a technology startup focusing on manufacturing hardware and developing technology for international markets, mainly the US. We have established clients in USA for the next 5 years. i3 is the technology center of excellence for latest in Information technology. Our partnerships with enterprise software companies help us provide these technologies to budding entrepreneurs. We manage, train & incubate innovations.

i3 Technologies has over 20 years of international experience in creating startups in USA. We work from high profile projects for major corporate to any dream project of SME or individual client, reaching large number of users and helping our clients to both save money and generate revenue.

I3 technologies is currently designing a new smart product, a wrist band that uses powerful technology in the most efficient way. The Smart Band helps you give a complete picture of your day today activities and implements a smarter way to track fitness. The Smart Band is customised to be implemented in hospitals where patients are continuously monitored and are managed even in critical conditions. The most significant regulatory overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, the Obama care which was enacted to increase the quality and affordability of health insurance has also increased the scope of the Smart Band in organisations which support wellness of employees.

We are here to nurture young IT professionals to incubate ideas leading to innovations.


We aspire to become

A preferred IT company for Wellness Management in every walk of life.

An innovation-driven company with a remarkable presence in the global IT market.

We are in the business of incubating ideas to develop them into innovative products and technology.


Belief in the Power of Ideas

Strong belief that an idea when developed and put into action has the ability to make differences in the world.

Passion for Innovation

 Commitment to look for new and better ways of applying technology through innovation.


 Strong belief that an idea when developed and put into action has the ability to make differences in the world.


 Commitment to look for new and better ways of applying technology through innovation.


 Conduct business fairly with honesty and transparency; inspire trust and steadfast adherence to sound moral principles.

Wearable tech- R&D and experiences:

IOT- Health monitoring devices are the latest innovation in technology. There are many new connected devices which are in development and only few are used widely in health bands. We are categorizing these devices into 3 categories.

  • Matured Devices
  • Beta test devices
  • Under development Devices


Few of our IOT & wearable products

SMB in a box

Every Activities of a Small business can be internet enabled & operated from a single source. Some of the functionalities of Efortus are Door scanners, security system, Proximity marketing, Marketing campaigns, Online on-site marketing integration, POS, etc.


Work Band

Work Band is a wearable band for tracking offsite employee activities. Band has GPS & Accelerometer integrated to HR application. Band can send blue tooth signals to Mobile application and ibeacon receivers.


Door Scanner & security System

A Door Scanner is an application that can be used by shop owners to keep track of the customers and also as a security option to get alerts if any theft takes place.

The application's night mode or security mode can be used for security alert by house owners.


IOT Customer references

i3 technologies team has built a wearable platform for companies to build wearabe applications.

i3 technologies base wearable is a free license platform for wearable manufactures.

Base platform has several components usefull for wearable companies,



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